Working On Paper!

I had forgotten how much I loved working on paper!

Using vibrant pinks and turquoise helped to create an interesting underpainting. It’s fun to see those little pops of colour, it adds interest! As I build layers I love to add bits of collage and you’ll see in this one there is a homage to Hank the Rooster! My friend @cherylkater inspired me to use Hank after he kept popping up in her series she did for the Artists Ranch Project for the Calgary Stampede. ⁠⠀
Hank and the other pieces of collage added more depth and texture to this painting. I wish I could describe how beautiful the paper is becoming with all of the layers, it feels like leather, it has a life of its own.⁠⠀

This is still a work in progress, stay tuned for the finished painting!

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