Art Practice Or Art Routine, Is There A Difference?

Is It An Art Routine or An Art Practice?

Is there a difference? I assumed that my studio practice and routine were the same. I WAS WRONG! 2020 has been a year of change and uncertainty and yet this has been my most productive year, why? That’s a question I asked myself a few weeks ago. I didn’t understand why when most everything in my world was relatively the same. Being in a mentorship program and involved in an amazing community where I received feedback and support wasn’t enough. Having a husband that supported my efforts emotionally and financially wasn’t enough. The only thing that changed this year was my studio routine. I set a routine and did not deviate from it. I did not allow interruptions to that routine and the results were amazing.

My Art Routine and Why It Worked For Me!

My scheduled work hours were Monday to Friday 10 am – 3 pm, with a break in the middle of the day. I didn’t allow for interruptions. Previously I had always used the excuse that working from home and having my family around was distracting. They were my priority! When COVID restrictions came into play all of a sudden we were all at home, all the time. Incredibly it didn’t interfere with my work routine. They were respectful of my working hours and space. I would start my day in the studio, have a break around noon then back till around 3 pm. I hadn’t worked a full-time job in 10 years and was loving it. I enjoyed the regularly scheduled work routine, it was fulfilling, motivating and I got so much accomplished. Committing to my art routine helped my art practice. I don’t believe I could have one without the other.

My Art Practice, What That Looks Like!

Realizing that to do the thing I loved and be successful at it I would need to commit, not by half but the entire way! So creating an art routine actually helped me with my art practice. My art practice included a number of different tools that kept me motivated. A key phrase or mantra that I learned from Nicholas Wilton is “little and often.” The key is to show up, and I did.

My routine when I arrive at the studio looks something ike this. Lights on, radio or playlist on, fill my water pail and then walk around and see what sparks my interest. If the painting juju isn’t flowing I’ll take out my sketchbook and play. Playing is a huge part of my practice. Starting a painting is such fun, I usually play on the surface the same way I would in my sketchbook. Rather than worrying about the blank canvas, I am excited to try new ideas, new marks, and new colours. Warming up or playing directly on the canvas adds so much interest to the surface, each layer tells a different story. 

A few other things that have become a part of my art practice are reading art books and watching videos about artists that have inspired me. Hearing their stories and watching them work creates this itch to paint, it’s inspiring. Community is also a big part of my practice, the Palettes are a group of artists that I paint with, have mastermind meetings with, and have shown with.  One of my favourite things to do is spend the day visiting local galleries, we love to support our local art community and keep up to date with our local art events. 


Here is a list of local galleries that I like to visit;

Bluerock Gallery
Loch Gallery
The Collectors Gallery Of Art
Masters Gallery

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