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Just Imajan Art Gallery and Studio!

I am the Newest Guest artist at Just Imajan Art Gallery and Studio in Cochrane, Alberta!

I drove out to see Janet on Thursday and dropped off 3 paintings to her. My newest piece “Mom’s Favourite” is a piece that I am very excited about! This was the first Acrylic piece I have painted in about 2 years. I was excited to paint on the birch board and was thrilled with the outcome. I love this piece, there is something so romantic and ageless about it. “Mom’s Favourite” really feels like me, it represents a part of who I am.

Janet also decided to keep a few of my other favourites!

“Beauty”, this one was a slow labour of love! “Beauty” was a rose from an arrangement I received for my birthday! The colour was so incredible that I had to paint it!  Little did I know how difficult a perfect rose was to paint. It took me many hours but I finally captured what I felt was the essence and beauty of it.

The final piece is “Garden’s Edge”, my poppy painting!! Red is my favourite colour and the Red Poppy is my favourite flower. I love poppies so much that I am always intrigued enough to come back and paint them again! The Red Poppy has become an international symbol. The Red Poppy represents strength, remembrance, freedom, and resilience. It is not surprising why this flower is my favourite!

If you want to see these lovely pieces, please drive out to Cochrane and take a look. Just Imajan Art Gallery and Studio is located at Bay #3, 320 – 1 Street West, Cochrane, Alberta

Nadine Johnson "Mom's Favourite" Acrylic 10" x 10"

Nadine Johnson “Mom’s Favourite” Acrylic 10″ x 10″

Nadine Johnson -

Nadine Johnson “Beauty” Oil 12″ x 12″

Nadine Johnson "Garden's Edge" Oil 18" x 24"

Nadine Johnson “Garden’s Edge” Oil 18″ x 24″

Just Imajan Art Gallery and Studio


FCA Absolutely Art Show and Sale!

Yesterday was the Absolutely Art Show and Sale held by the Federation of Canadian Artists.  I was really pleased and honoured to be showing with such an amazing group of artists. It was a good day from the start, seeing as how it was my birthday I think luck was on my side and I sold a very nice painting called Storms A Brewing!! A friend of mine that I went to school with years ago took the picture of that sky and it was incredible!! I asked her if I could paint it and the rest is history!! I am excited and look forward to participating in more Art Shows and Sales with the Federation of Canadian Artists! Watch for our upcoming shows in the Fall.

Mad About Art – October 24, 2015

All Things Spring – March 12, 2016

See you there! Nadine




2015 is going to be exciting and scary at the same time. I have signed up for some amazing workshops and classes.

Along with my regular class on Monday afternoons with Paula Henchell at Swinton’s Art supply, I am taking Jean Pederson’s 4×4 Master Class series starting in February. I have also signed up for Doug Swinton’s 25 paintings in 2 days workshop in March.  I feel very privileged to be able to continually learn and explore new directions with my art! This will be an exciting year!