Choose What Brings You Joy!

Covid has made us more cognizant of our environment and its impact on our lives. Spending this much time in our homes or our offices can greatly impact how we feel. Artwork can help brighten our day and help to improve our frame of mind. Choosing art is such a personal and sometimes emotional experience. That’s why commissions are so wonderful, you get to choose what brings you joy! The origins of any commission often have a significant meaning for the client. My job is to ensure that it’s translated onto the canvas to connect and communicate with the collector.

Painting A Feeling!

My first commission this year was for dear friends of mine Erin and Doug. They have been visiting Osoyoos for many years and it has become an integral part of their lives. In addition to their photos that embodied everything they felt and loved about Osoyoos, we discussed their thoughts and feelings and their expectations for this painting. My biggest concern was that I had not painted landscapes in some time and I was a bit rusty painting in a realistic style. As I worked on them I fell in love with these paintings and the location. Visiting Osoyoos is now on my list of see!

The Freedom To Explore!

My second commission was creating “Turkish Delight” for dear friends of mine was a wonderful experience. When asked to do a painting for their home, given no restrictions except to be bold and colourful, I was thrilled. Commissions can have their challenges for the artist and the collector. Ideas need to be communicated to enable the artist to turn the collector’s vision into a reality. I was able to take as much time as I needed and as much artistic license to create their painting. Knowing them so well made a huge difference in the choices I made for colours, marks, collage papers, and shapes. For the collage I used maps of Turkey, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Calgary, and Paris, I wanted to add things into the painting that had meaning for them. Noy is from Turkey originally so I wanted to write their names into the painting, I used Arabic and wrote personal messages to them both. I was so excited to deliver this painting knowing how perfect it was for them and their home.

A Tribute For A Loved One!

“The Welcoming” was a special commission that I was asked to do for a group of friends. This special painting was intended as a gift in honour of a father’s passing. The images that were used in “The Welcoming” were symbolic and had special meaning for the family. I intended to communicate a feeling of spirituality and love and provide some peace and comfort to the family. I was honoured to have been asked to paint this special gift and hope it.

Inquiries For Commissions

I am happy to connect with you at any time about a special project for yourself or someone special in your life. You can contact me by email at

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