Creating “Turkish Delight” for dear friends of mine was a wonderful experience. When they asked me to do a special painting for their home it was with no restrictions other than they wanted bold and colourful. Commissions can have their challenges when the artist and collector have to try to come together with a vision and then turn it into a reality. It was wonderful to be able to take as much time as I needed and as much artistic license to create their painting. Knowing them so well made a huge difference in the choices I made for colours, marks, collage papers, and shapes. I used maps of Turkey, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Calgary, and Paris to collage into the painting. I wanted to add things into the painting that had meaning for them. Noy is from Turkey originally so I wanted to write their names into the painting, I used Arabic and wrote personal messages to them both. When I delivered the painting to them and saw how much they loved it is the most rewarding feeling an artist can experience.

When you’re asked to paint a place that is very special and meaningful to the collector the most important thing is to be able to translate that onto the canvas. Erin and Doug have been visiting Osoyoos for many years, it has become an integral part of who they are as a couple, family, and as individuals. Their photos embodied everything they felt and loved about Osoyoos. I had not painted landscape or realistically for a while so that added another dimension to this special project. As I worked on them I fell in love with these paintings. The location and subject were beautiful and unique. This project was different from what I am doing now in my work. It was exciting to deliver the paintings to Doug and Erin for the big reveal! Thankfully they loved them as much as I did.

“The Welcoming” was a special commission that I was asked to do for a group of friends. This special painting was intended as a gift in honour of a father’s passing. The images that were used in “The Welcoming” were symbolic and had special meaning for the family. My intention was to communicate a feeling of spirituality and love and provide some peace and comfort to the family. I was honoured to have been asked to paint this special gift and hope it.

When Jocelyn Ross owner of JR Studioworks asked me to create 3 abstract paintings for a project she was working on I was beyond excited. It was like the universe was pushing me to follow my heart. My goal for 2020 was to paint abstract and here was my chance! She invited me to Alto37’s project site to walk through their amazing show suite. Even though it wasn’t complete I was very excited to be a part of this project. The paintings were a huge success and looked amazing in their new home.

Red Wave 24x72 acrylic on Canvas

Finished painting – Red Wave 24×72 acrylic on Canvas



Being long time friends I was nervous and excited about this commission. They had very specific ideas about the type of flower and colour scheme. I had painted poppies many times and wanted to make this painting uniquely different from any I had done before.  I had some challenges to work through one of them being the canvas dimensions.  This was the first time I had worked with this size and shape of the canvas. Once I start laying colours shapes and ideas on the canvas everything starts to take on a life of its own. I start to envision what it will look like and if I feel a change should be made it’s the perfect time for that to happen. Every layer of paint only adds to the depth and uniqueness of each piece. I am looking forward to seeing it hanging and hopefully will have a photo to share.

Nadine Johnson - Rachied’s Favourite, Acrylic, 24”x36”

Nadine Johnson – Rachied’s Favourite, Acrylic, 24”x36”





This plum tree was planted by my grandfather about 35 years ago and my cousin Rachied loved this tree, especially when it was in bloom. He passed away not long ago and I was asked to paint this beautiful tree for his wife. Every time I thought about how to approach this Plum tree I kept thinking peaceful, tranquillity, spiritual and love. I feel that I have achieved this and was hopeful it provided some of that to my family. Paint what you love and it will never steer you wrong.

Nadine Johnson - Drift Away, Acrylic, 96” x 48”

Nadine Johnson – Drift Away, Acrylic, 96” x 48”

This painting was all about feel and colour. I was shown a pair of bookends and some candles to use as inspiration for this piece.  The colour was the most important aspect of this painting. The painting was not meant to be too realistic, a bit more to the abstract.

My thoughts were all about water, islands, floating, sleep, drifting and of course the colour.  Using a large brush I didn’t focus too much on the intimate details but more on the overall feel and effect the brush strokes were made. I love the marks, texture and atmosphere that was created in this piece.

The painting is beautiful in its new home and has created the environment and feel that I was hoping for.

Nadine Johnson - Drift Away, Acrylic, 96” x 48”

Nadine Johnson – Drift Away, Acrylic, 96” x 48”


Poppies For Carol 60”x48” Acrylic Mixed media

Jim and Carol have been friends of my parents for 60 years, so when they asked me to do a painting for them I was deeply honoured. She loves all flowers but thankfully she chooses poppies. I have been painting using collage for the past year and really wanted to incorporate it into this piece. 

I started by collaging paper onto the surface of the canvas and then layered my paint over top. I used some of the collaged paper to help direct and shape some of my petals and stems but eventually allowed the flowers to take on their own personalities.

I really love this piece and am so happy that I will be able to visit it once in a while.

Nadine welcomes commission work. Please contact her for more information.