Keep Up The Momentum!

Fresh Start!

Do you feel this sense of excitement in January?  Starting with a clean slate allows for endless possibilities.  2021 was a successful year for me, with a lot of firsts. Creating a new and exciting body of work, as well as some amazing accomplishments, were just a few of the highlights. The trick will be how to keep up the momentum!


“Innovative” is my Word-of-the-year! Every January I start a new body of work, that will be new and creative in thinking. With the intention to carry these ideas into all areas of my studio practice, my sketchbook, my works on paper, journaling, and of course my paintings. “Innovative” is perfect for me! ⁠

What I’ve Accomplished!

Receiving my Signature Status with the Federation Of Canadian Artists was a crowning moment for me. Undeniably, being awarded my status by a jury of my peers was such an accomplishment. Earning my AFCA status allows me to teach and be a juror for the Federation Of Canadian artists, which I am pleased to say I did for the first time this fall.

Having never had an injury that directly impacted my work I was not prepared to deal with the difficulty of having a stress fracture in my foot. All through July and August and into September I was forced to work with a compression boot on my foot. Surprisingly, I made it through! Consequently, I learned a lot about myself. Being proud of what I was able to do, how much work I completed and how dedicated I was to my studio practice is exhilarating. Culminating in the launch of my new series at the Abstract’d Art Collective Art Walk in Oct. To say that the event was a success would be an understatement, we had well over 500 people attend. 

Additionally, I had set another goal for myself in 2021. Acquiring more representation by the end of the year was something I had worked towards all year. Christmas came early for me when I was notified that I had been selected as one of Singulart Online Gallery, Paris, France’s newest artists.

Shortly, how to keep up the momentum!

Keeping Up The Momentum!

My year was filled with shows, commissions, new collectors, new connections, and new representation. I’ve been asking myself over the past few days, how do I keep up the momentum? What are some things that I need to do in order to achieve the outcome I want?

Below are a few of the things that I have decided will help me achieve this!

  • I am participating in a winter residency with the Artists Alliance. This is a stay-at-home residency that runs from January 3rd to March 31st.
  • I will return and complete the Creative Visionary Program as an Alumni, which starts on Feb 24th and ends on May 31st.
  • I will be “Innovative” in my thinking when working on a new body of work. I am coming full circle and will be working on abstract florals for the next 6 months.  This will be my biggest challenge. 


Thank you for your continued support, new connections, celebrating my successes, and to those of you who have shown an interest in or purchased artwork this year. I am grateful for all of you and wish you prosperity, health, and happiness in 2022.

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