“Limitless” Online Exhibition

"Limitless" Online Exhibition

I am excited to be participating in “Limitless” Online Exhibition with the Federation of Canadian Artists. This is the Federation’s annual outreach exhibition, which awards established artists while supporting emerging ones. Featured artists compete to win cash prizes, and the Federation donates $1,000 from the submission’s fees from this call for entry to a student enrolled in a visual arts program! You can view the show from November 1st – 30th by clicking the link below.

“Limitless” Online Exhibition click here

“Peeling Back the Layers” 24″ x 24″ mixed media on panel

I’ve taken a different approach with this limited palette series. Not only am I using only one or two colours but I’ve reversed my process. I built layers and then damaged or wore down the surface to create texture and design. The addition of collage and paint help to create a juxtaposition of new and old on the surface of the painting. I used paint, collage, pencil, and crayon, and then finished with cold wax.

You can enjoy the Federation Gallery’s annual exhibition from November 1st – 30th. Featured artwork image by Feral Nifty.


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