Loving My New Colour Palette!

Earlier this year I worked on a commission for a special friend, I fell in love with the painting! So I decided I needed more! I started a new series using the same colour palette. I was excited and nervous because I had never painted a series of works using the same palette.

What Is It About Colour!

I love red! I love all colors but red is my favourite. Interestingly enough this new palette doesn’t have any red, but it does have pink! This colour palette reminds me of mid-century interiors, bell bottoms, and The Brady Bunch! It reminds me of my grandparents, parents, and a few close friends. It makes me feel like I’m listening to old songs while driving down the highway singing at the top of my lungs with a few close friends. Every fun, happy loving memory is all wrapped up in this colour palette. I’m sure if you’ve had a moment where you’ve seen a painting or a photo, a magazine ad and had a visceral reaction to it! That’s how I feel about my new colour palette!

What I Am Using In My New Colour Palette!

The main colours I am using are Cadmium Red Medium, Green Gold, Teal, Cadmium Yellow Medium, white, and black. Cad Red Med and Cad Yellow Med make the most amazing orange! The first thing I do is mix up a pile of paint using all of the colours in my palette. Basically, I’m making mud! Then I take that mud and add some to every colour in my palette, this will harmonize my colours so that they look even more beautiful together. Not only do I add a touch of mud to all my colours but I do the same with my whites. I will add a little of each colour excluding black to make really beautiful shades of white.

Colour And How I Am Reminded Of Candy

After naming the first painting “Turkish Delight” I was constantly reminded of candy and how much my kids love it! Here are a few of my new paintings along with their delicious names!

Here’s Where You Can Find Them!

If you would like to take a look in person you can visit Art On 9th Invermere. They are participating in “The Summer Exhibit” till October 30th. Or you can send me an email at nadine@nadinejohnson.ca

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