It’s exciting to work with textures, make marks, bold brush strokes and add layers of paper to the surface. I feel fulfilled watching the image take shape, the exciting moment when the colours, the lines, and the form start to bring my vision to life.

Floral & Still Life

My connection to flowers is undeniable. I love that they represent a different emotion and evoke endless memories in most individuals. They represent, love, sadness, birth, death, happiness, abundance, cherished, strength, remembrance, freedom and so many more. There is an abundence of colours, textures and shapes are incredibly beautiful and inspire me to paint.

Al Rashid Mosque

My inspiration to create a vision of this historic landmark was in honour of my grandfather, Mohammed Ali (Andy) Hamdon and my grandmother Josephine Hamdon. In addition to my grandparents I wanted to honour the other founding members of the Al Rashid Mosque. Including my parents and aunt who were married there. While it was still serving the community I had attended bake sales, prayer services, weddings and funerals, all of which were an important part of the community.

30 Day 2020

A 30 day painting challenge is a great way to start a series or new body of work. The challenge of daily painting forces you to show up, work fast and efficiently while still creating work that is inspired by the things you love.