This Will Change Your Art Career!

I Remember The Day I Decided To Take CVP!

I remember the day I sat down with my husband to talk to him about CVP. It was February 2020, a few days prior to the deadline to register. He wasn’t really enthusiastic about it and asked me what CVP would do for me? Why I felt I needed to take it, and if I did would I really be able to commit to doing the work. I had been painting pretty consistently for about 11 years then and working from home provided me with enough of a distraction and a good excuse to avoid doing the one thing I loved. 

The Things I Was Sure About!

I told my husband that I felt CVP was the one piece of the puzzle I had been missing. I was sure CVP would help me to make stronger more sophisticated work. It would help me with my process, work schedule, daily practice, the business side of art-making.

I really had no idea what CVP was but trusted Nicholas Wilton. 

What CVP Did For Me!

CVP changed everything about my art practice and who I am as an artist. I completed all 12 weeks, worked on 21 panels, finished 15 paintings, and watched all of the bonus content while living in lockdown with my family and the dog.

Not only did CVP help to create daily habits that directly influenced my work but CVP taught me so many things about making my art stronger. Nick and the CVP team have created a course that literally was so much more than I ever expected. When you listen to Nick explain as only Nick can what a garage sale is, why we need to pack a lunch while traveling through a painting all you can do is smile and laugh while learning important principles about making strong, sophisticated art. 

What Actually Happened!

CVP  was the catalyst for the success and gratitude I have for what I have accomplished since 2020. I participated in 7 exhibitions and sold 33 paintings in 2020. I am represented by a local gallery and online. I received my Signature Status with the Federation Of Canadian artists, won a number of awards with the Federation Of Canadian Artists, have been a juror in 2 exhibitions and have begun teaching. And in Dec 2022 I became one of the permanent artists at the 500 Collective in Calgary.

You likely have heard a number of artists say how life changing it is, well it’s true. This year I will be a 4 time returning alumna to CVP!!! I am just as excited to participate as I was in 2020. I always pick up some little tidbit and it’s a great refresher for me, it keeps me on my toes!

If you would like to sign up for CVP you can click on this CVP link.

If you have questions as I did about CVP I would be happy to help you with them. You can send me an email at or a DM through my Instagram account.


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