What I Learned From My Sketchbook

What Inspired Me To Work In My Sketchbook

Like most artists I love sketchbooks! They often have beautiful covers, lovely paper, and beg to be worked in. Like most artists, I have many sketchbooks that don’t get used. Recently I was on Instagram and I came across this 30-day sketchbook challenge by Cheryl Taves
https://www.instagram.com/insightcreativecoaching/  I had participated in a 30-day painting challenge at the beginning of the year and thought this might just do the trick. 

Why Timing Is Everything

This sketchbook challenge started right when my three-month online course ended.  I used my sketchbook as my warm-up every morning, prior to going into the studio. I was loving working in my sketchbook but I couldn’t have picked a worse time for a 30-day challenge. With COVID many families have been isolated and unable to see one another. I hadn’t seen my parents for 4 months. Once I finished my course I took my family and we went to stay with my parents for a week. It was wonderful but of course, my sketchbook challenge went out of the window. Another thing I learned during this time was to be kind to myself and others,  so will start back into my sketchbook this week and keep going.

What I learned From My Sketchbook

Working in a sketchbook is often easier than working on a canvas or board. I find it’s not as precious to me. Using a smaller sized sketchbook makes a difference. I am able to work faster, make changes, and finish in a shorter period of time. There is more experimentation, no fear of trying new ideas. I push my boundaries and will try things that are really outside the box for me. It’s a great way to warm up prior to painting. 







What I recommend.

If you haven’t tried a 30-day sketchbook challenge I would absolutely recommend it.  If the timing is bad for you then start your challenge when your able, find some friends to participate with you or start one yourself! There is so much to learn from challenging yourself when doing something you love.

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