What I’m Doing To Achieve My 2021 Goals!

New Year’s resolutions are what everyone does but how many of us follow through with the goals we set or the good intentions we have. After the first month or two, we fall back into old habits and rarely do what we say we will.

I decided that I wanted to keep the momentum from 2020 going and continue it into the new year. How was I going to do this? What did I need to do to make sure I reached the goals I had set for myself. The first thing I did was sign up for CVP 2021 again.

The First Step!

Nicholas Wilton’s Free Workshop starts on Feb 15th and is open for registration now. He will open CVP up for registration right after the Free Workshop. If you’re interested in signing up for the Free Workshop you can click on this link. In my blog post Looking Back On 2020! I share my journey through CVP, why I took it and what it did for my art career. If you have any questions about the Free Workshop or CVP please shoot me a note, I would be happy to answer any questions. If you decide to sign up for the Free Workshop or CVP through my link as an Alumni there is an opportunity for me to receive a small compensation.

My Second Step!

I needed a new way to track my inventory because what I’ve been using wasn’t working anymore. 2020 was my busiest year to date. Not only did I do 9 exhibitions I now have my work in the gallery Arts Aqui here in Calgary. I had looked at Artwork Archive a year ago and I am sorry I didn’t sign up then. They give you 30 days free to try it out and decide if it’s for you, so on January 1st, I signed up! I love it!! I am able to track everything about one specific painting, exhibitions, how and when it was made, who bought it if it’s donated. But the best part for me is that it integrates with my website and so I only have to update my inventory once.! I will be able to sell right from my website through Artwork Archive.

My Third Step!

The new tool I decided to use this year was a full size dated weekly Passion Planner. I choose this one because it allows me to set intentions or goals for the week, month, 3months, 1 year, and a lifetime. I’ve been using the High Performance Planner which is amazing for daily and weekly tracking. If that’s what you’re looking for give it a try.

My husband Dave, is always telling me to write things down. He is always telling me that I can’t keep it all in my head, he’s right! But don’t tell him that! I just can’t do it anymore. Whether it’s my age, how busy I am, the number of projects I am working on, whatever it is I need a tool that works for me. I am excited to spend a few hours working through my planner and setting my intentions for 2021.

I would love to hear what you’re doing to stay on track this year. Do you have a favourite tool you use? Send me an email or DM me on Instagram.

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    1. Nadine Post author

      Thank you, Jo-Ann! I really appreciate the feedback. I should have signed up for Artwork Archive sooner.


        Love your newsletter! Lots of great tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on all of your ongoing success!


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